• Key Stage 1

    Key Stage 1 (KS1) is the first key stage of primary school, a phase of education for 5-7-year-old children.

    Year 1 and Year 2 make up KS1.

    In our school we have three classes in Key Stage 1. St Christopher, St David and St Patrick. The three class teachers follow the Key Stage 1 curriculum. They plan together and the children within the classes have the same curriculum, adapted for their year group and their individual needs. Whichever class your child is in, you will find they have the same learning opportunities and the same curriculum provision.

    Meet the Team

    Mrs Swinson
    St Patrick Teacher
    KS1 Lead

    Mrs Siwiec
    St David Teacher

    Mrs Wood
    St Christopher Teacher

    Mr Knight
    St Patrick Support

    Mrs Grain
    St David Support

    Mrs Chatwin-Salt
    St Christopher Support

  • St Christopher Class are a Year 1 Class. Mrs Wood is their class teacher.


  • St David Class are a Year 1/2 Class. Mrs Siwiec is their class teacher.

  • St Patrick Class are a Year 1 Class. Mrs Swinson is their class teacher.

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